A Recipe for an Extremely Nutritious Anti-Aging Smoothie


Have you ever wondered how some people can look so pretty and others look so tired? You have probably noticed how a particular celebrity looks a lot younger than his age. It is highly likely that you have compared them to yourself or rather compared them to your inferiority. The truth is that human beings have been created equally. The only difference is that some people take care of themselves while the others don’t?

What makes Celebrities so Special? 

There are plenty of things that celebrities and models do differently. While a lot of them spend a lot of money on expensive beauty treatments, they also tend to take care of their bodies. The live a healthy lifestyle and pay close attention to their sleep and diet. In terms of diet, they try to cut out the bad processed foods and replace them with fresh non-processed and organic foods.

This anti-aging smoothie makes use of coconut oil and turmeric.A lot of famous people are now turning towards smoothies and turning these into a major part of their diet. This is because the ingredients of these smoothies can be extremely healthy and can consist of incredibly beneficial nutrients. One particular example of a smoothie used by models is an anti-aging smoothie that utilizes coconut oil and turmeric along with various other fresh fruits and vegetables. Coconut oil actually has lots of essential fatty acids and can make collagen in the skin thereby leading to the improvement of a person’s complexion. In addition to this, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and this can also be highly beneficial in an anti-aging recipe.

You should look for similar ingredients and make a smoothie that will provide a similar effect. Not many people will act on this and to be honest, this is often the main difference between someone who works hard on them and another who just cannot be bothered.

Here’s 5 Ingredients That You Should Never Make Smoothies With!


When buying a smoothie or making it at home, it can often be a tough task to decide on which ingredients to use. It always seems to take forever as you look for ingredients that will not only provide the maximum benefit but also improve the taste. Shops and bars in particular have a huge list of ingredients that can make you doubt yourself. However, in most cases these are needless ingredients that will have the opposite effect in your quest for a tasty healthy diet.

So what kind of ingredient should you avoid putting in your smoothie?

The Five Main Smoothie Ingredients to Avoid 

You should ensure that you avoid flavored yoghurt that comes in the fat-free form. This is because flavored yoghurt has an enormous amount of sugar. And having fat-free yoghurt is just pointless because there aren’t many nutrients to take advantage of. If you end up putting yoghurt into your smoothie, make sure it is a full-fat version in moderation.

Canned fruit should be avoided at all costs. To be fair, all kinds of foods that come in cans should not even be touched at any cost. These will have a huge amount of sugar, something that will have the opposite effect on what you are trying to achieve by having the smoothie!

Nut butter is one of those ingredients that should definitely be avoided with smoothies.Fruit juice is another ingredient to avoid. While this may seem healthy and really improves the flavor, this too can have way too much sugar added. The idea is to avoid and if possible, make a smoothie without sugar. You should even use fresh fruits in moderation.

Ice cream must be avoided at all costs because it simply is not fit for a healthy drink. Due to the huge amounts of sugars and fats, the smoothie will become more of a dessert than a healthy drink!

The final ingredient that you need to avoid is nut butter. Most of these are great because they contain lots of healthy fats and oils. However, they can be quite expensive so would you really want to add these to a smoothie that you will be drinking so quickly. More importantly, consuming too many healthy fats can also have a damaging effect on your body and this is something that is likely if you put a lot of nut butter in your smoothie.

Now that you are aware of the most common ingredients to avoid putting in your smoothie, make sure you spend time researching the items that are a must-add into the blender!