Finding The Best Blender For Smoothies On A Budget


We are well aware that a lot of people and especially children struggle to eat vegetables. To call it a struggle would probably be the nicer way of saying it. Children especially hate eating green vegetables due to the taste. When we were younger, we were in the exact same position. In my opinion, the best way to fix this issue is to buy the best blender for smoothies.

You see, the main problem is that fruits and vegetables are an absolute necessity for a health mind and body. This is especially important for children who need as many essential nutrients as possible in order to grow in the best way possible.

I’m sure green smoothies were created as a means to solve this issue. This way their children and even they themselves would be able to get as many important nutrients as they need for a healthy mind and body.

All of this may sound simple but making green smoothies isn’t really a simple task. In order to be able to enjoy these, there should be complete smoothness. Imagine having a perfectly smooth and tasty green smoothie made from vegetables but having lots of unblended solid chunks of vegetables. It would ruin the taste and your children certainly won’t be happy.

So how can you go about creating a completely smooth drink that tastes of perfection?

The only possible way of doing this, is to buy the best smoothie blender that is powerful enough to pulverize anything that goes into the glass. For this, you need to look at a few specific features including how powerful the motor is. Some high quality blenders that we have personally tried are listed below.

The Best Blender for Smoothies: Top 3

In our opinion, the Nutribullet is the best blender for smoothies.The Nutribullet has been a bit of a revelation. It is quite inexpensive and works wonderfully well. It is extremely powerful and comes with a 600-watt motor. This is even stronger due to the compact design. It has received rave reviews and is considered by many to be the best blender for smoothies, including Thefreshome. If you put in a lot of fruits and vegetables into the glass then the blender will be able to pulverize these with a lot of power. You also get a few different jugs in different sizes so you can make the smoothie in different portions though these portions will be quite small. I feel that the quality of the NutriBullet is very good as it does last for quite some time. The compact design also means that you will be able to keep this to the side in the kitchen with ease.

The Ninja NJ600 is another high quality affordable blender. This would probably be the best blender for smoothies in the stand blender form. This is extremely powerful due to the motor that packs 1000 watts of power. The blades are designed to provide maximum efficiency in making smoothies and other drinks like milkshakes. It also comes with a large pitcher that will be able to contain enough drinks for a large family. I must admit the build quality of this blender is excellent and it is likely to last quite a few years.

If a single-serve blender or a full stand blender is something that you don’t need then you might possibly be looking for a hand blender. In this situation, the best unit would probably be the KitchenAid 5 speed hand blender. This would be more appropriate for someone who needs a lot of portability or does a lot of travelling. This is quite efficient, quite easy to clean and also very quiet to run. The only disadvantage of this is that this won’t be that powerful like some of the other blenders. As you can imagine, things could also get quite messy as you don’t get a proper jug or pitcher. Ideally, you should only get this for making smoothies if you travel a lot.

All three of these smoothie blenders are quite effective in their own different ways. They are all very affordable and will do wonders for your help by making perfectly smooth green smoothies!

In our opinion though, if you simply wanted the best blender for smoothies, we urge you to buy the Nutribullet. It looks tiny but is a very powerful machine.

The Best Way to Make a Smoothie Without Using a Blender


Making smoothies has become incredibly common. In fact, most members of a household have breakfast smoothies in the morning. To be fair, this is the most important time as you have been in a fasted-state for quite a long time. This means that you need the best kinds of nutrients to wake you up for the challenging day ahead. It is important for us to stop eating unhealthy cereals and replace them with a nutritious breakfast smoothie that contains fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance. But for this, you will need a blender right? Not necessarily!

How can you make a Smoothie Without a Blender? 

This guide explains how anyone can make a smoothie, even if they don't have a blender.Well, it’s possible. Instead of spending a lot of money on a very powerful blender, you can always buy a blender that is more affordable! There are so many products available these days that you can easily find a basic machine that fits your budget. However, if you don’t like the idea of using a blender, as you believe it can damage the true nutrients then you need to do one thing. You simply need to find smoothie recipes that don’t require the use of a blender. With the resources available to us, this can be a fairly simple task.

For example, using chia seeds is one way that you can do this. If you have not seen these before, these are tiny seeds that are full of protein, fiber and healthy fats. The important thing to note is that when they come into contact with water or any other liquid, they form a thick gel-like substance. This will give you a similar consistency to a smoothie. You can then add some more smooth ingredients like yoghurt, honey, protein powder, tea powder to complete the smoothie. While it might not be amazing, it will still be better than nothing. On top of this, it will have amazing nutrients that will be beneficial for your health!

This video explains the entire process if you’re still a bit confused on how to get started.

Simple Steps to Make a Delicious Detox Green Smoothie


Women and now even Men have started to carry out a huge effort to eat healthy foods and lose weight. In the past, women used to try all sorts of diets and used to constantly worry about eating healthy foods. This was mainly due to the feeling of wanting to look good and it now seems that Men have also followed suit. Amongst the different diets, most of us have tried to really help our bodies by cleansing it of harmful substances that we take it. One way people have been this detoxification method is with well, a detox diet. However, you probably don’t need to be on a detox diet to purify your body.

What Methods can you use for Detox?

A detox smoothie is the ideal drink to have if you're trying to lose weight.We all know how smoothies have become increasingly popular and a major part of a modern healthy diet. This can be easily utilized to cleanse your body. All you’ll need to do is throw in the ingredients that have these beneficial properties. It’s very important to include as many green vegetables as possible as these ingredients can have some amazing health benefits.

One particular recipe that you can use for cleansing has been written below. This will provide a delicious taste that is sweet (without any added sugar) but it will also have some incredible cleansing effects.

You can usually get started by using three-quarter of a cup of water or coconut milk depending on your personal preferences. Pour this into the blender and add half a cup of raw coconut. The next step is to add a few cups of spinach, an ingredient which has some terrific advantages for our health. Following this, add one avocado and half a cucumber with some lime zest that has been finely grated. You also need to add one or two peeled limes to the mixture. Depending on personal preferences, you can add different healing spices such as ginger for their own benefits. Top this up with some ice and blend away until you have a creamy smoothie-like mixture. This will have so many nutrients that you will feel proud of yourself!

A Recipe for an Extremely Nutritious Anti-Aging Smoothie


Have you ever wondered how some people can look so pretty and others look so tired? You have probably noticed how a particular celebrity looks a lot younger than his age. It is highly likely that you have compared them to yourself or rather compared them to your inferiority. The truth is that human beings have been created equally. The only difference is that some people take care of themselves while the others don’t?

What makes Celebrities so Special? 

There are plenty of things that celebrities and models do differently. While a lot of them spend a lot of money on expensive beauty treatments, they also tend to take care of their bodies. The live a healthy lifestyle and pay close attention to their sleep and diet. In terms of diet, they try to cut out the bad processed foods and replace them with fresh non-processed and organic foods.

This anti-aging smoothie makes use of coconut oil and turmeric.A lot of famous people are now turning towards smoothies and turning these into a major part of their diet. This is because the ingredients of these smoothies can be extremely healthy and can consist of incredibly beneficial nutrients. One particular example of a smoothie used by models is an anti-aging smoothie that utilizes coconut oil and turmeric along with various other fresh fruits and vegetables. Coconut oil actually has lots of essential fatty acids and can make collagen in the skin thereby leading to the improvement of a person’s complexion. In addition to this, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and this can also be highly beneficial in an anti-aging recipe.

You should look for similar ingredients and make a smoothie that will provide a similar effect. Not many people will act on this and to be honest, this is often the main difference between someone who works hard on them and another who just cannot be bothered.

Here’s 5 Ingredients That You Should Never Make Smoothies With!


When buying a smoothie or making it at home, it can often be a tough task to decide on which ingredients to use. It always seems to take forever as you look for ingredients that will not only provide the maximum benefit but also improve the taste. Shops and bars in particular have a huge list of ingredients that can make you doubt yourself. However, in most cases these are needless ingredients that will have the opposite effect in your quest for a tasty healthy diet.

So what kind of ingredient should you avoid putting in your smoothie?

The Five Main Smoothie Ingredients to Avoid 

You should ensure that you avoid flavored yoghurt that comes in the fat-free form. This is because flavored yoghurt has an enormous amount of sugar. And having fat-free yoghurt is just pointless because there aren’t many nutrients to take advantage of. If you end up putting yoghurt into your smoothie, make sure it is a full-fat version in moderation.

Canned fruit should be avoided at all costs. To be fair, all kinds of foods that come in cans should not even be touched at any cost. These will have a huge amount of sugar, something that will have the opposite effect on what you are trying to achieve by having the smoothie!

Nut butter is one of those ingredients that should definitely be avoided with smoothies.Fruit juice is another ingredient to avoid. While this may seem healthy and really improves the flavor, this too can have way too much sugar added. The idea is to avoid and if possible, make a smoothie without sugar. You should even use fresh fruits in moderation.

Ice cream must be avoided at all costs because it simply is not fit for a healthy drink. Due to the huge amounts of sugars and fats, the smoothie will become more of a dessert than a healthy drink!

The final ingredient that you need to avoid is nut butter. Most of these are great because they contain lots of healthy fats and oils. However, they can be quite expensive so would you really want to add these to a smoothie that you will be drinking so quickly. More importantly, consuming too many healthy fats can also have a damaging effect on your body and this is something that is likely if you put a lot of nut butter in your smoothie.

Now that you are aware of the most common ingredients to avoid putting in your smoothie, make sure you spend time researching the items that are a must-add into the blender!